Wednesday, April 21, 2010

On comics

Brightest Day #0 was pure, unadulterated crap. Blackest Night was, too. But this is just crap icing, as far as I'm concerned. Characters who died in meaningful and powerful ways (i.e. Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, Max Lord). Hell, just about everyone had reasons and purposes for dying. Remember when Captain Boomerang died? That was powerful, right? Remember when Osiris died? The same thing, right? But, no. We can't enjoy those stories anymore. Why? Listen to me what I say this. This is relevant.


This is all there is to it. The man cannot get over the fact that characters he like when he was a kid are either dead or gone. He doesn't like the fact that time has passed and that characters have been replaced. Now, I know that things are always better in hindsight. Every single person ever feels that way at least once in their lives. However, normal people get the fuck over it. We, you know, do things. Not Geoff Johns. He wants everything to be just as it was, even if it makes for shitty writing. He wants all these characters to not have gone through twenty years of development. In short, he sucks.

He sucks bad.

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