Thursday, April 29, 2010

On stupid crap

Kick-Ass really sucked. What's the point of a movie attempting to brazenly inspire us to stand up for what's right and be super-heroes in out own daily life and then have the main character use a jet-pack and a fucking bazooka to kill all the bad guys. "Hey, anyone can do what I'm doing, except for those people who don't have $300,000 to spend on a jet pack WITH GATLING GUNS. Also, $99.99 for a wetsuit." Add another comic book movie to list of shitty ones that will be forgotten in a year. Also, Jonah Hex looks like it will suck balls, too. I wish people had already realized I write way better movies than them.

Friday, April 23, 2010

On good ideas

I want to write a story. Well, I want to write many stories, but I just thought of a good one today. What if I wrote a story about a bunch of stodgy conformists who go on some wacky adventure to thwart of free-thinking, open-minded, newfags? Just think about it, won't you? It would be like every movie that college kids love, but the exact opposite.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

On comics

Brightest Day #0 was pure, unadulterated crap. Blackest Night was, too. But this is just crap icing, as far as I'm concerned. Characters who died in meaningful and powerful ways (i.e. Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, Max Lord). Hell, just about everyone had reasons and purposes for dying. Remember when Captain Boomerang died? That was powerful, right? Remember when Osiris died? The same thing, right? But, no. We can't enjoy those stories anymore. Why? Listen to me what I say this. This is relevant.


This is all there is to it. The man cannot get over the fact that characters he like when he was a kid are either dead or gone. He doesn't like the fact that time has passed and that characters have been replaced. Now, I know that things are always better in hindsight. Every single person ever feels that way at least once in their lives. However, normal people get the fuck over it. We, you know, do things. Not Geoff Johns. He wants everything to be just as it was, even if it makes for shitty writing. He wants all these characters to not have gone through twenty years of development. In short, he sucks.

He sucks bad.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

First post!

Hey. Um. This is a new blog. I made it tonight. See, my old Xanga is too full of good emotions and happiness to write about my bitter musings. I met my wife on that thing, you know. So, I'll write here.

Let me introduce yourself. You are either really cool, or you are a poser. See, I'm a writer. I take writing classes. I am usually the best writer in them. I'm not being cocky about it. Writing isn't really that hard. The real prodigies don't even need classes. If you are smart, you can write a decent book and probably make some change off it.

If you've taken four years of writing classes, you should not be writing schlocky shit. I'm going to post some of the said shit later, but not very much. Shit, that's too much crap even for me.

But, here's a rundown of what I'm going to be talking about. Because you need to know before you bookmark me.
-Comics (Blackest Night sucks balls, Final Crisis rules shit)
-Video games(not often, though. I'm too old for that shit.)
-D&D (4e sucks, 3.5 forever.)
-Life (I hate posers, shitheads, jackasses, morons, and shitasses.)
-Sports(Fuck Kyle Busch, The AFC North, all of baseball and basketball)
-Anime(One Piece owns, Bleach owns ironically)
-Not politics (People will hate me enough for being an elitist)
-Internet ('Nuff said)

So, yeah. You'll probably like it.